Amazing structures built on concrete

Amazing structures built on concrete
Amazing structures built on concrete

What comes into your mind when you think about concrete, sidewalks and driveways? But it should be known that concrete can create more structures than the already said. From stadiums to very beautiful and fancy homes. Concrete can make plenty of unique structure. All that is required is skills. Here are some of the impressing structures which are made from concrete.

Hoover dam

The dam was constructed to create Lake Mead during the great depression. It rests between Arizona and Nevada in the black canyon of the Colorado River. The marvelous dam weighs about 6,600,000 tons.

The Christ statue

It is one of the most popular man-made features in the world.  The statue was made from a reinforcement of soapstone and concrete. The statue took nine years to complete.

European museum

This museum is built on a   reclaimed land. It lies on a fifteen thousand square meter cube. it is bounded by a latticework shell. The shell is made of concrete reinforced with fiber. This makes the museum attractive and unique.


If you want a proof that concrete last, look no further. The pantheon is about 2000 years old. Surprisingly this is the largest building on earth which is made of pure concrete that is, it is not reinforced.  The dome took around 4,540 metric tons of concrete to complete. Currently, the pantheon is used as a place of worship.

The Panama Canal

Without it, ships would be forced to sail all over the continent. This great canal connects Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean between south and north America. It is made of concrete and it is 51 miles long.

Willis tower

The tower was known as Sears and was completed in the year 1973. It stood as the tallest building for 25 years. The tower is 1450 feet tall or 442 meters. The slabs on each floor are made of steel reinforced with concrete.

Burj khalifa

Being the tallest building in the world, it is 830 meters tall. This engineering marvel used 330,000 m3 of concrete. The foundation entirely used over 45,000 m3 and it consists about 192 piles made of concrete, which are at a depth of 50 meters. Additionally, the building used 31,400 tons of steel rebar which was reinforced with concrete. Other materials which were used include silicone, aluminum, and glass. You will get great pieces of inspiration by reading 17 striking concrete buildings around the world those are examples of great engineering.